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We at are canvassing all Public and Charter School Systems throughout United states and Canada to aid in promoting the value of education to students and adults. Enhanced efforts and social support is needed from each team member to provide the best atmosphere for learning that we can offer our youth. The slogan "On your Team to achieve your Dream" and THIS website: is Our public commencement towards the cause.  

So in harmony with our slogan, we have created a song about education to champion the school experience.  "Do it for the Kids," stated MaxHeat.  

In addition we have contacted you to enlist your school or schools in this propositon.  We would like you to take advantage of the use of our songs, "Knowledge Rules (School is Cool)", "Skinny Jeans" &
"I Can Read" We extend the Public and Private School systems the right with out any compensation to use these tools.  It is classified as a Charitable Venture.  
"The songs are all positive, motivational and can be a fine tool in advertising and communicating worth, value and how much your school means to the community," stated Nujam (CEO).  "The students get to challenge  themselves in an opportunity that rewards on numerous positive levels.  Their creative and naturally competitive bone can take over."  Exhibit pride in having the opportunity to have neat ways to take in knowledge.  

Thank You,

"On your Team to achieve your Dream"
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